Monday, December 11, 2000

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…

I laugh to stop myself from crying. I am reasonably certain that the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Seahawks can beat the Redskins. And we don’t have a football team.

Any fans of this Triple-A level football team must be hanging their heads so low they need a chin guard. There’s been some poor football in this state before, but I cannot remember such a letdown as was exhibited by the Skins Sunday. I listened to WJFK’s Sports Junkies after the game for about five minutes. All they did was yell. I believe the words “abomination” and “disgrace” received liberal usage.

For the record, I stopped watching in the fourth quarter with the score 22-7.

Not that there was so much on the line, really. The odds of the Skins getting in was growing more and more slim as Sunday’s early games progressed. This slim margin, of course, was due to their horrendous 7-point output AT HOME against the Giants and a shanked 40 yard kick AT HOME against the Eagles.

Yet, I wanted the Skins to beat up on somebody, if for no one else but Terry Robiske. He’s obviously in a tenuous position, and a strong performance against a 4-9 team would begin to answer some questions about the team’s problems. Was Norv’s firing the cure-all? Will George’s arm and Davis’ legs mesh into 30-point games? Was LeCharls really why the special teams weren’t special? Can we squeak into the playoffs?

I have no answers for these problems. Terry, all the best, buddy.

The defense had to have another bad game sometime; I just wish they’d do it against somebody besides Dallas. Aikman and Rookie Boy threw a combined eight passes. EIGHT.

The offense stank. Again. Next week, Wes, Dominic, and Norv will be filling in for the offensive line.

Dallas’ first two drives began at the Redskins’ 28. That’s pre-preseason scrimmage position. Thank you, special teams.

OFFENSE: The what?
DEFENSE: Who let the dogs out? Woof-woof-woof-woof!!!
Sp. TEAMS: Update your resumes.
COACHES: Let’s see…no quarterback…how do you think Dallas will move the ball?

P.S. Redskins vs. Cardinals tickets on sale. Cheap.