Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Quote the Ravens: Never Score!

Deion just hasn't impressed me. He's done okay, I guess, but certainly he hasn't earned his paycheck yet. Now he ain't runnin' kicks back anymore. I think it's inevitable that Deion will get beaten for a long play. He barely held on to a Ravens receiver on one play--if he'd slipped, it would've been six. The majority of the Skins' sacks haven't been coverage sacks, but sacks shortly after the quarterback's three step drop. I'll take Charles Woodson from the Raiders over Deion any day...

I'm not suggesting benching Brad or anything--just that I don't have the same confidence in his long ball as I did last year. His stats are still very good--in the NFL top 10. But to beat the Rams and Titans, we're going to have to score lotsa points (frankly because I don't know if we can stop Marshall Faulk or Eddie George). Mistakes will have to be kept to a minimum.

Now we CAN beat both teams if we can rule the time of possession game. I liked watching Davis run like Riggo of old in the 4th quarter. The Rams offense can't score from the sidelines. The better we run, the better the odds of winning.

As an aside, people still aren't giving the Redskins' D respect. Everytime I read about the Rams' possible losses, they talk about the Bucs defense. Uh...hello...they're 3-3. Blame Shaun King & their offense if you want, but Sapp & Co. gave up the points. Redskins are better, and just point to their wins against the Eagles, Bucs, and Ravens as proof.

Jacksonville stinks. Skins win by 8 points. 14 points if Brad doesn't throw an interception.

The Ravens' HQ is located here in Owings Mills, up the street from Karlea's job. I seriously thought about hanging a Redskins flag over their entrance gate symbols...ha!

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