Monday, November 06, 2000

Boo! Boo boo boo!

For once I’d like to see the Redskins get beaten without the outcome the result of Redskins mistakes. Nobody beats us like we do.

Let’s get this over with.

On the Special Teams: LeCharls McDaniel, or whatever his name is, has gotta go. He’s the coach of this squad, and because they stink, he stinks. He should’ve been gone after last season, to be honest. Every kickoff and punt is an adventure for the Redskins. And the falls are NEVER in our favor—when was the last time the Skins ran a kick back for a touchdown? Can anybody remember that? I bet you can name off the top of your head three times that the Skins have given up critical plays on special teams. Oy.

And what’s with the kicking game? The extra point is the easiest way to score in football, and it’s been botched at least twice this season. Do you realize that some teams go an entire season without botching ONE kick? And that Heppner kid misses a 33 yarder? Horrible. Somebody’s gotta take the fall, and it might as well be LeCharlie McNugget. Or whatever his name is.

On the Offense: I kind of liked the zip George was putting on the passes. Granted, they weren’t all accurate. In fact, he missed Connell (or Connell missed him) on a couple of occasions, most notably in the last 5:00 scoring drive. George should’ve run for the first down. Instead, Heppner shanked a kick.. I still miss Brad’s short-range accuracy, primarily because we have no deep-threat reciever for George’s style. Get well soon, Brad. Stephen Davis is again worth his weight in gold. You knew he was going for 100+ yards after the first series.

On the Defense: Good work. 16 points ain’t much in the NFL, and most of the work done for the points came when the D wasn’t even on the field. Apart from one bomb over Bailey, the D held strong. Bruce had a quiet day, but Stubby did good against the run. Can’t believe I’m saying that. Man, why didn’t Deion cut inside and return the interception for a touchdown…?

I said last week that “I guess we shouldn’t spot the other team 14 points next time.” We gave Arizona 10. And I predicted 35-14 as the final score for the Arizona game. Skins had the ball inside the red zone six times, resulting in 15 points. I still ain’t Nostradamus, but if Washington had played half their potential I would’ve been dead on.

OFFENSE: C- (this high ONLY because of Davis’ running. 400+ yards with 15 points?!?)
DEFENSE: A (Heck, Deion even got an INT)
Sp. TEAMS: F- - - (that’s three minuses)

I watched the Rams do the same thing the Skins did today—beat themselves with stupid mistakes. They lost to lowly Carolina. Both teams’ll be looking for vindication and respect. Maybe, just maybe, if Darrell comes back, and Davis isn’t hurt too bad, and Connell decides to finish his routes, we’ll win. Redskins 28, Rams 27. Maybe.

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