Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Darrell Green Announces He Is Retiring As Of RIGHT NOW! News At Six!


Following the Chargers' game, I stated the following: "That Chargers game was the worst Redskins football I've seen in a long, long time."

I hereby stand corrected.

The Green Bay game was the worst Redskins football I have ever seen; accordingly, this 2001 Washington Redskins team is the worst I have seen in my nearly three decades of being a fan. It's just embarassing. The Terrapins could beat this team. One of ESPN's commentators this morning said the Skins should be playing on Friday nights, not Sunday. As in high school.

This will be a quick review, out of respect to Charlie Taylor, Sonny Jurgensen, Doug Williams, Art Monk, John Riggins, The Hogs, and most of all, Joe Gibbs.

Skins have just above zero offense. I give some props to Mr. Stephen Davis, who at times reminded me of the Riggo of the 80s. The rest of the offense gets absolutely NO love. Can anybody name our wide receivers? Who's our fullback? Who besides Samuels is on the front line? You know why we don't know who they are? Becuase they don't do anything.

Darrell Green made a really good one-on-one open field tackle in the first half. And Smoot got an interception. Those are the only moments worth cheering for the defense. We got burned in the secondary, smacked around on the ground.

Special teams. Ugh. That fumble towards the end was like a bad dream brought to life.

Something is terribly, terribly wrong with the coaching of this team. Somewhere there's a scheme that will work for this team, and Marty "I Cannot Coach" Schottenheimer has had a friggin' month to come up with something. These two game performances is the best he came up with?!?

Let's not forget that without that lone Smoot interception, this game would have been 44 - 0.
OFFENSE: F (It dawned on me 3rd quarter that the Skins may only score 50 points this whole season.)

Mr. Jones

PS I'm looking forward to going to next week's game so as soon as the announcer says "And now, the lineup for your Washington Redskins!" I can boo my brains out.

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