Monday, December 10, 2001

We're Number Two!

Redskins beat the 'Zona Cards, yadda-yadda. Jake "Mr. 4th Quarter" Plummer did, um, nothing in the final period. He got a garbage-time TD against a soft zone D.

Hey, bigups to Smoot, Champ, and Darrell on their better-than-Oakland defense of David "Go-To Guy" Boston. That receiver is All-World, and for the most part he was neutralized. Gotta love LaVar "Out of Control" Arrington not taking any guff Boston, then hitting him on a route and picking off Boston's tip. Perfect revenge! I'll take his once-a-game personal foul call for his intensity and hard hitting.

Banks & Company did a good job of moving on the Cardinal D and converting enough 3rd downs to eat up the clock. Not bad play calling, though I was surprised they didn't run Davis up the middle on that play action touchdown. Either way, great throw from Banks and an even better over-the-shoulder grab from Zeron "Hhhhaaack" Flemister. Big catches from Gardner and a consistent performance from that kid Westbrook. Davis got his 100 yards! Might we have an effective offense? Could it be?

So the Question of the Hour is now the following:

Who will the Redskins beat down the stretch, and how will they finish?

The Skins have the Eagles, the Bears, the Saints on the road, then Arizona again. Not exactly a cakewalk, but I think three out of four are winnable games. Which one's the loss? Um, I dunno. The Bears play very good D, and their offense is good enough to put on enough points to--perhaps--negate Davis. That leaves Banks/Westbrook/Gardner/Flemister to put up quick points on very tough opposition. Hmm...

Oh yeah--excellent special teams play from Serwanga and Eric Metcalf.

Sp.TEAMS: B (Only because we doinked two field goals.)

Mr. Jones

PS Thanks to everyone who could make it to yesterday's football gathering. Plenty o' smacktalking went on, though it strangely turned to NFC vs. AFC. Whatever. Good to have everyone by the Casa De Jones.

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