Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Week 6: Ugh. (unfinished)

Well, it was fun while it lasted. If there ever was a reality check for the Redskins, this was it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers done put it on the Skins; I have already mentally blocked the final score because it was just that shameful.

Let’s quickly go through the checklist I made from last week and rate how Washington did:

Step 1: Protect Ramsey. Egad. Defensive end Simeon “Silent Thunder” Rice had a personal and team record four sacks. He blew by Samuels, by Betts, by the waterboy and by Daniel Snyder. The word on the sports shows is that Ramsey is potentially a great quarterback…who won’t survive to make it to 2004.

I do wish I'd finished this one...here in 2004 it's interesting to see now how close Ramsey came to career-ending injuries during that season. As of today, October 15, Ramsey is backing up Mark Brunell. With the team floudering at 1-4, I suspect Coach Gibbs to give ol' Ramsey the nod before November. I think he can pull it off, if only because of the evidence he showed in 2003. Surely he will return to the courageous, strong-armed accuracy of last season...

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