Saturday, April 23, 2005

Prepare the Valley of the Kings...

During the days of ancient Egypt, the burial ground for rulers was of such importance that elaborate tombs were carved into mountains, deep underground, and adorned with priceless jewels. The West Bank at Thebes was the home for the greatest burial chambers of all, and is known as the Valley of the Kings. The bodies of kings and royal famly were preserved there, and kept safe for years under unfaltering protection. Archaeologists have discovered in these final resting places extensive depictions on the walls, chronicling the accomplishments of its fallen heroes.

Perhaps the time has come to prepare the chamber and ready the scribes to author one last sonnet for a Pharaoh: Ramsey.

If there is such a thing as Writing On the Wall, Patrick Ramsey should surely have seen it in the last five days. Over at Hog Heaven I capsulized the rumors and speculation surrounding Washington's draft preparation, which included trading valuable future picks to the Denver Broncos to acquire the 25th overall pick in this year's draft. With Washington's original ninth pick, the Skins filled an obvious hole with cornerback Carlos Rogers.

With their 25th pick, Coach Gibbs and company selected Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell. Rumors had circulated that Gibbs met with Campbell on Tuesday--I don't believe he visited any other potential draftees this week--though no official intent was communicated. Ramsey, when questioned about the possibility of competition being drafted by the Skins in the first round, said that it didn't matter one bit whether Washington drafted Campbell.

God bless Ramsey, keeping his head up and being professional. Even Gibbs stated that such a move would not reflect on Patrick Ramsey and that a new quarterback would take years to get up to starting quality. So said this Washington Post article.

I realize that the news is still very fresh, but as I watched the 2005 draft, I could swear I could hear Coach Gibbs telling Ramsey that, in no uncertain terms, his days are numbered with this organization. Though His Joeness made it clear at last season's end that Ramsey is his 2005 starter, Washington's mortgaging of next season's draft picks to attain Campbell places a "Use By" date on Ramsey's helmet.
You don't give up three picks on a player that you don't expect to see making plays until 2007. Gibbs is building for the future, and his field general will be Campbell.

What I don't get is why Washington would bother re-signing Tim "00.0 Rating" Hasselbeck and restructure Mark "$34 Million" Brunell's contract so that they too could remain on the team. So now Washington has four quarterbacks? I would be perfectly happy with Ramsey as starter, Campbell as backup, and Hasselbeck as waterboy. Heck, the Skins could've brought veteran ex-Redskin Brad Johnson, available in February, back to D.C. to serve as support for Ramsey. Then grabbing Campbell would've made good sense.

I have a fear that "Quarterback By Committee" will be spoken in the halls of Washington this season.

If I'm Patrick Ramsey, I study my gamebook really, really well this spring and hope that I can pull off a Drew Brees-like performance, staving off the high-priced incumbent. Otherwise, this Pharaoh's tomb will tell of a man whose glory was never reached; only the afterlife in another city holds hope.

It just better not be in Dallas.


  1. Jeff,

    I agree with you- Ramsey's days are up 3 draft picks to take a QB doesn't mean that QB is going to sit for long. What a fiasco...maybe a package deal with Gardner and Brunell/Hasselbeck is in the works. Let's see what happens...

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for checkin' in. Poor Ramsey--I read that on Saturday the fans heard Gibbs say on the FedEx Jumbotron that Ramsey was his man and the place broke out in cheers...and three hours later His Joeness spent three valuable picks on a QB. Ouch.

    I'll write more about this at my Hog Heaven page, but those Anti-Ramseys seem to have short memories. Wasn't too long ago that Ramsey was pummelled week after week behind a vapor of an offensive line. I give the kid points for courage...