Monday, October 02, 2006

We Won...Right?

Well, for the second week in a row, I have managed to completely miss the substantive portion of a triumphant Redskins win. Last week, when the Skins toasted the Texans, I was hustling around town with friends from out of town (how dare they not be football fans) and I forgot to set my Comcastic! DVR. Used to be that I'd record NFL Primetime and be satisfied. But Berman and Jackson have been banished to the netherworld of midnight NFL highlights, replaced with fifteen inferior highlight shows. So I missed just about all of the Texans' game.

On Sunday, with Washington pulling off a exciting, gutsy victory over the playoff-caliber Jacksonville Jaguars, I again found myself distant from football. Quality time with the Mrs. But this time, I was ready: I set my recorder to capture every minute of yesterday's action...little did I realize that the game went into OVERTIME and Santana Moss provided some post-7:00PM heroics.

I haven't reviewed the recording, but I pray that there weren't too many commercials, injury time outs and penalties. Maybe I got fortunate and can postumously enjoy every scintillating minue. The game was so good that the NFL Network has decided to feature it on Wednesday's broadcast of NFL Replay. I'm so happy that I can ignore those poorly-lip-synched commercials with Chad Johnson and Jeremy Shockey.

It's odd that I have been able to see more of the Ravens' play than the Redskins'. And I like what I see: a defense showing shades of 2000, clutch special teams play, and an offense that, frankly, doesn't screw up too much. It's crazy to say, but if Steve McNair isn't under center this season, 9 out of 10 doctors agree that the Ravens would be sitting at 1-3, possibly 0-for-everything. That's how much better this team is when Kyle Boller's riding pine.

Week after week, McNair runs an efficient, if mediocre, offense for three quarters, and then when the game hangs in the balance, he completes 80% of his passes and scrambles for crucial 3rd down conversions. On Sunday, against the Chargers' top-3 defense, he broke tackles, threw strikes, and found the winning points. All without a timeout. He ain't great, but he's gold when it counts, and he's this season's early favorite for Comeback Player of the Year.

More on the Skins--and the on-again/off-again greatness that is Mark Brunell coming as soon as I watch the broadcast.

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