Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who Knew It Could Be Sweeter?

Dallas 7, Washington 35

Holy smokes! Not only did we sweep "America's Team," but we took them to the FedEx woodshed and stripped them of their very manhood!

Who knew that the feeling that we Redskins fans knew back in September could be more than replicated but surpassed in such beautiful fashion!

While it would have been great to watch the game live, the FOX broadcast had its share of golden moments:

* Keyshawn resurrected the "Just Throw Me the #$@@ Ball" face after only the second drive of the day. He was livid at someone, likely kicker Billy Cundiff who missed a 38-yard field goal. It's never a good sign when your receivers are complaining in the first quarter.

*The Bll Parcells Cavalcade of Facial Expressions. His eye-cutting at Terrance "Beat Me Deep!" Newman sliced right through him and when Cundiff tried to sit down after his miss, Parcells, like any good mother figure, let him know that his seat was over there. By himself. Pure comedy. Otherwise, Ol' Bill stood stoically on the sidelines, stone-faced, trying not to let the world know that he was watching his house burn down with his John Lennon-signed autograph still inside. Meanwhile, during the first half, FOX showed Gibbs' NASCAR driver Tony Stewart on the Skins' sidelines and I dunno what was running through his mind, but he apparently left some wedding pictures in Parcell's burning house. Fortunately, he looked more alert in a fourth quarter shot.

* You knew this was a Rivalry Game when John Hall, a place kicker, for crying out loud, gets into a shoving match during a trackle.

*I can only imagine how loud that stadium must have been. I could hear "Dallas Sucks!" and "Hey! You Suck!" very, very clearly. Not to mention "Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" played over the PA system. I need a audio clip.

* There were some great quotes: Troy Aikman, End of the second quarter after Dallas moved into Skins' territory: "For (Dallas) to put something positive together here...and potentially come away with points, it's going to go a long way as to how they feel going into halftime..." Next play: interception returned 42 yards by Marcus Washington. During the halftime show, Terry Bradshaw asked Howie Long why he was smiling. His response: "I'm laughing at the massacre." Aikman added later not only that the Redskins wanted the game more than Dallas, but "This is as bad as you can beat a team..."

* Clinton Portis doing the MC Hammer "2 Legit 2 Quit" in the second half. Bigups for dusting off that non-classic.

*The best moment of the night, unequivocally, was Bill Parcells' exchange with FOX's Pam Oliver at halftime:

Bill: Have you ever been an athlete?
Pam: Yes.
Bill: Have you ever had your butt kicked?
Pam: Yes.
Bill: Then you know how this feels.

'Nuff said, Bill, 'nuff said. For today.

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