Friday, October 19, 2001

...Braves on the warpath...fight! For old D.C.!...

(Ravens fans can sing the high parts.)

Somebody tell me the Skins aren't the hottest team in the NFC, maybe the NFL. Somebody tell me they didn't just beat Denver at home--in its own crappy elements. Tell me we didn't fumble six times and STILL managed to win. And tell me we ain't the FOURTH team EVER to win four after losing five. Whew!

Yep, it was an ugly game, but a W's a W and quite frankly, the Skins put it on Denver. Aside from Eric "Fairweather" Metcalf's Denver donation, the Broncos hardly moved the football yesterday. Brian "Greasy" Griese was 11 for 31 for a grand total of 114 yards. They got 186 yards total. Tell me the Skins' D didn't put it on 'em. LaVar Arrington, who is quickly turning into a Lawrence-Taylor-beast, was everywhere on the field, despite multiple injuries. Brrrrrruuuuuce Smith is still hustling, and man was I hoping he and Arrington would put a massive hit on Griese in the second half. (They both missed.)

While Stephen Davis ran well--practically 100 yards--the big story is Kent "Superman" Graham, who literally came off the bench to win the game. His stats were significantly better than Griese, though Broncos fans may say Graham was less worn from the elements. I don't care--he passed the ball much better than Griese, and did so in the face of a consistent blitz package from Denver. And he knows even LESS of the playbook than Banks (if that's even possible).

I smell a QB controversy, and here's why: Banks is likely to be groggy for a couple days--come Wednesday, do you start in a very big game against the Eagles, or do you go with Graham, who found Westbrook in ways we haven't seen in two years? Graham did far above expectations in horrible conditions against a good defense. Banks, on the other hand, looked poor in the same situation. Hmm...

Speaking of poor, what in the name of Moses happened to the Baltimore Ravens? I know hindsight's 20/20, but I bet somebody in the front office is rethinking the decisions to let Dilfer and Priest Holmes go. Even if they are now, record-wise, the vibe in Baltimore is much, much different than a year ago. Hmm...

For the record, my Pops called Westbrook's dramatic emergence in the game nary one play before it happened.

Nuff said. Here are the grades:

OFFENSE: B Game balls go to Graham & Westbrook.
DEFENSE: A Really, what more can we ask of them to do?
Sp. TEAMS: B- Metcalf notwithstanding, the punting & coverage was very good.
COACHES: A Great play-action call on the last touchdown...must...resist...liking...Schottenheimer...

Mr. Jones

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