Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Toilet Bowl 2001: Somebody's Gotta Win!

OK, I didn't see Sunday's game vs. the Giants because I live in Baltimore, and I'd just come in from western Virginia's mountians, and, um, I really wasn't trying hard to catch it. And there was that little military operation going on at the same time. So my eyes were stuck on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and everybody *except* CBS, who decided that the Ravens' demolition of the Titans was more important.

I don't really consider Sunday's game an "improvement" as some are suggesting. If 23-9 were the score a year or two ago, we'd probably say that the Skins got beat pretty good. Just because we didn't lose by 40+ points doesn't give cause to celebrate. Are we THAT desperate to cheer?

I will say this: Schottenheimer will DEFINITELY be gone at the end of the season. Here's why: even a bone-headed, egotistical, short-sighted "fan" like Daniel Snyder knows that Stephen "Not Getting 1000 Yards This Season" Davis is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the ego and superego of the Redskins offense. He was given the ball less than 20 times on Sunday. Tony "Clutch" Banks is not the answer (and if he is, then we've asked the wrong question), and Westbrook is merely a shadow of the underacheiving player we've known. Why are we relying on them to score, then? What happened to intelligent, win-with-what-works football?

Marty's gotta go. And you know what? If we sent him packing this week, right this minute, I don't think we'd be any worse off.

That said, we look forward to Monday night's showdown with Dallas. I can't remember the last Monday night game between two 0-for-everything teams. Unfortunately, the Skins are much worse off (especially with the loss of Bruce "I'm Outta Here at the End of This Season" Smith) than Dallas. (Who is their QB? Fran Tarkenton?) I expect the Skins to remain true to form, and lose by double digits...

Mr. Jones

PS No grading this week. The team & coaches get F's once again. Which is a marked improvement from those Z-minuses.

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