Thursday, October 06, 2005

Seahawks vs. Redskins Postgame Pics

Seahawks vs. Redskins 10/2/05
Postgame Pics
Here are the Intro and Pregame pages.
Patrick Ramsey and I. (Or is it me?) He was one of the first players out of the stadium, for obvious reasons. I was very, very tempted to ask him to autograph my shirt "Pharaoh." I doubt he would have found that funny. It was awesome to finally meet, especially after a win. But I sensed a bit of disappointment while in his presence. Um, with the team, not me.
Center Corey Raymer emeged next and signed hats. I wanted to confirm what I'd always suspected: that he once starred on the sitcom "Parker Lewis Can't Lose." Mission accomplished.

There was quite an uproar when Mark Brunell emerged from the tunnel. One month ago, he would have received polite applause, like the Oscar winner for "Best Documentary Short."

I obtained an exclusive interview with Brunell. Me: Seems like every week you're making the play of the game with your scrambling, huh? Mark: Yep. Remember, this is an exclusive.

The fans were divided on whether running back Rock Cartwright's stature was impressive.

There was no doubt that tackle Ray Brown is a man of great girth. By the way, I'm not sure which Hogettes are legit and which are mere posers. Can anyone tell me?

Assistant coach Joe Bugel gave some love to the gathered. I can only imagine standing in the Player's Lot when Darrell Green, John Riggins, and Art Monk played for the Skins.

I wish I'd thrown up my gang sign with star running back Clinton Portis. I don't regret that as much as forgetting to ask how much he paid for the basement stripper's pole he showed off on "MTV Cribs."

Man, kickoff returner and wide receiver James Thrash has one purposeful stride.

Superstar LaVar Arrington didn't endear himself to the cheering fans when we refused to sign any autographs, acknowledging everyone only with a mumbled "I gotta go."

Arrington rolls out in his sharp GTO. Suffice to say, few were cheering.
Wide receiver Santana Moss was also in a rush (to his limo, no less), but took the time to sign off on lots of fan items. The NFL has him listed at 5'10". If he's 5'10", then I'm Mrs. Buttersworth.

The tent for the players and famlies had great food, televisions, and tight security. That's Ray Brown's family and friends at the table behind us. My only regret is that His Joeness didn't come through. Hard to complain with free food in your mouth.

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